Sex Offender Reporting Requirements

If you are an offender who is required to register with the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office, you must make an appointment prior to arriving for your registration. If you elect not to make an appointment, there may not be anyone available to register you and you run the risk of not meeting your registration deadline. In order to ensure that you comply with your registration requirements, you must contact Detective Ross Glovinsky at (419) 734-6827.

Online appointments are no longer accepted.

Under Ohio law, the Sheriff of each county is responsible for the registration of sex offenders. Sex offenders must register with the Sheriff on scheduled periodic bases, which is determined by their sex offender Tier classification. Ohio law allows for periodic address verification checks of the address that is provided by a sex offender during his/her registration process. Sex offenders are also required to provide additional information such as places of employment, schools attended, vehicle information, phone contact and internet identifiers.

In addition, sex offenders must register with the County Sheriff any change of residential address, place of employment, or enrollment in a school or institution of higher education. Depending on the classification of the offender, they may also be required to register additional information.

Ohio Revised Code 2950.081: Any statements, information, photographs, fingerprints, or materials that are required to be provided, and that are provided, by an offender or delinquent child pursuant to section 2950.04, 2950.041, 2950.05, or 2950.06 of the Revised Code and that are in the possession of a county sheriff are public records open to public inspection under section 149.43 of the Revised Code and shall be included in the internet sex offender and child-victim offender database established and maintained under section 2950.13 of the Revised Code to the extent provided in that section.

Except when the child is classified a public registry-qualified juvenile offender registrant, the sheriff shall not cause to be publicly disseminated by means of the internet any statements, information, photographs, fingerprints, or materials that are provided by a delinquent child who sends a notice of intent to reside, registers, provides notice of a change of residence address and registers the new residence address, or provides verification of a current residence address pursuant to this chapter and that are in the possession of a county sheriff.


We encourage you to visit out Offender Watch Portal where you may search for registered sex offenders near you. You may also register for alert notifications.


You may use the Offender Watch “Check Address” feature to determine the distance between two addresses. Please be aware that the 1000 foot proximity rule does not apply to all registered sex offenders.


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