We have been made aware of people experiencing issues with booking a CCW appointment online. The service we use allows us to book appointments 4 weeks out at a time. If there are no appointments available, we unfortunately do not have any openings at that time. Please continue to check back after a few days as more openings become available. 

Obtaining a concealed handgun permit in Ohio is a privilege earned by those who complete a thorough application and training regimen. With this privilege comes a responsibility to be aware of the common sense rules of safe firearm handling, the laws that affect how, when and where license holders can carry a firearm and how to properly use the handgun to defend yourself or another person.

You must have an appointment to process your concealed carry application. Walk-ins are not accepted. In order to facilitate the appointment process, we prefer that you book your appointment online.

Applications are accepted by appointment only and they are scheduled Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 4:00pm. We prefer that you book your appointment online. When arriving for your appointment please be aware our office is located on the 3rd floor of the courthouse. You will be required to enter through the screening area. DO NOT BRING YOUR FIREARM.

Ohio Concealed Carry Fee List (Effective 10/17/2009):

Initial License (good for 5 years):
$67.00 (if resident of Ohio for 5 years)
$77.00 (if you have NOT been a resident of Ohio for 5 years)

Renewal License (good for 5 years):
$50.00 (if resident of Ohio for 5 years)
$60.00 (if you have NOT been a resident of Ohio for 5 years)

Emergency/Temporary License:
$37.00 (if resident of Ohio for 5 years)
$47.00 (if you have NOT been a resident of Ohio for 5 years)

Replacement Fee for lost licenses:

Form of Payment accepted:
Cash or Money Order (payable to Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office)

Veterans: Registration fee for veterans is waived. Fees for military will be waived in Ohio until the total amount of fees waived reaches $1.5 million dollars. Once this cap is reached, the fee will no longer be waived for the remainder of the year.

Prior Military: bring in your most recent DD214 showing Honorable discharge.

Active Military: copy of your weapons qualifications AND military ID.

Please fill out this application prior to appointment for both new or renewal permits

Please check our website to make an appointment for fingerprinting or gun permits. Anyone coming in for an appointment needs to wear a mask or they will not be permitted into the courthouse.  Please note the Governor has extended the grace period on any gun permit that has expired after March 9th. This grace period is for 90 days. We can accept gun permit applications anytime by email at          

For further information or to make an appointment contact: Deputy Heather Moss at 419-734-6823.

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