Deputy Rhonda Reiter and Deputy Kendra Dosh are presently serving as the Civil Deputies in Ottawa County. It is their responsibility to maintain the flow of all paperwork issued by the courts to the Sheriff’s Office.

All indictments, summons, warrants and extradition papers are filed through the Civil Division of the Sheriff’s Office. Deputies assure these papers are served in a timely manner and are returned to the court system properly. They are also responsible for collecting and recording any Sheriff’s fees generated by the service of this paperwork. They maintain daily contact with the Ottawa County Common Pleas Court, Ottawa County Probate and Juvenile Courts and the Ottawa County Municipal Court.

The Civil Division can be reached at 419-734-6824 and by fax at 419-734-6876.


Deputies provide internal security and screening at the main entrance to the Ottawa County Office and Courthouse building. The main entrance to the facility is equipped with a metal detector. Deputies also provide roaming foot patrols throughout the complex.


Visit the new webpage for the Ottawa County Dog Warden at:


The Ottawa County Dog Warden’s Office is staffed by Deputies from the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office, Sergeant Matthew Shark and Deputy Loren Welch

The purpose of the Dog Warden Division is to enforce section 955 of the Ohio Revised Code, which include:

  • Issuing dog licenses when deputized by the County Auditor;
  • Keeping a record of the tags sold and dogs “owned, kept and harbored” in the county;
  • Seizing dogs that are inhumanely treated;
  • Patrolling the county to impound unregistered (unlicensed) dogs;
  • Notifying the owner if their dog is impounded;

The Dog Warden Division is self-supporting, operating on user’s fees, fines and penalties. These monies comprise of the dog and kennel fund and are used to pay salaries, maintain trucks, pay utilities, and maintain the kennels and buy supplies for the dogs.

The Dog Warden’s Office is situated at 8400 State Route 163. The phone number is (419) 898-1368.


The Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office utilizes six K-9 units.

K9 Kash is assigned to Sergeant Robert Dotson.


K9 Diesel is currently assigned to Detective Jonah Boyer.


K9 Kreutz is assigned to Deputy John Morton.


K9 Storm is assaigned to Deputy Gary Allred and are assaigned to Put in Bay Township.


All four canines are skilled in tracking, apprehension, building search, article search, handler protection and narcotics detection. All canines are available to assist any department that requests are assistance.

K9 Finn is a therapy canine assigned to Deputy Chad Millner for North Point Educational Service Center Graytown Building.


K9 Hailey is a therapy canine assaigned to Deputy Marc Nye for Genoa Local Schools.


Detective Boyer serves as the agency canine coordinator for all canines.


The uniformed patrol division is responsible for answering emergency and non-emergency calls for service to the citizens and guests of our community. These officers have jurisdiction over the entire county. The uniformed patrol deputy is often the first face an individual sees in a time of crisis. Uniformed Deputies undergo extensive training and are required to pass an extensive firearm qualification course at least once a year. The officers are also responsible for assisting the civil division in the service of civil papers and warrants. They not only respond to calls for service but also assist the various fire and rescue units in the community. There is a patrol Sergeant for every shift that is responsible for acting as a liaison between the uniformed deputies and the office administration.

The townships of Allen and Put in Bay have contracts with the Sheriff to provide additional patrol coverage. Allen township has a patrol Deputy assigned specifically to the township. Put in Bay township has deputies assaigned to patrol the township on South Bass Island as well as other islands in Ottawa County.


The Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Division is a volunteer organization that assists the Sheriff’s Office in all areas of operation. This unit has been a positive addition to the Sheriff’s Office for several years.

Reserve Deputies serve in assisting with prisoner transports, security functions, traffic control, fingerprinting juveniles, clerical duties and public relations.

The Reserve Deputies also serve with the Uniformed Patrol Division as an extra set of eyes and ears when riding or training. The Reserve Division also serves as a training ground for new Deputies or those officers wishing to gain employment within the law enforcement field.

Captain Aaron Leist supervises the Reserve Division.


The Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office is committed to professionalism and high standards. Training and compliance matters are the responsibility of Director Jeff Griffin.

Director Griffin coordinates and documents training for all divisions. In addition, he is responsible for maintaining all policy and procedures in cooperation with Lexipol services. He also oversees the agency body worn camera program.

Director Griffin serves as both the American with Disabilities and Limited English Proficiency Coordinator. He is also our webmaster.

Director Griffin can be reached at (419) 734-0116.


The Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office utilizes several unmanned aircraft (drones) to assist during missions for search & rescue, evidence collection and tactical operations.

The drones are flown by Deputies who hold a Part 107 Unmanned Aircraft Pilot’s Certificate.


The Communications Center answers phones, dispatches emergency police, fire and rescue units throughout the county. The Sheriff’s Office is also responsible for the county wide 9-1-1 systems, the Davis-Besse emergency warning system and several alarm systems within the county.

All communications personnel are EMD certified for providing pre-arrival medical instructions. Dispatchers are assisted by the use of an A-CAD (Computer Aided Dispatching) system. This system enables them to monitor the assignment of calls as well as determine grid locations. This system is directly linked to 9-1-1.

Communication Supervisors:
Sergeant John Knecht
Corporal Anya Alvarez


The Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office currently has four full time detectives to conduct investigations on criminal complaints received by the Sheriff’s Office. Three of the Detectives conduct criminal investigations throughout Ottawa County, assisting other agencies that may request their assistance when necessary.  These detectives are also responsible for presenting cases to the Prosecutor’s Office and the Ottawa County Grand Jury. They also coordinate investigations with neighboring communities and counties.

There are two agents employed by the Ottawa County Prosecutors Office assigned to full time drug investigations, however they do assist Sheriff Detectives and other agencies with major case investigations when needed.

Detective Sergeant Ross Glovinsky supervises the Detective Division.


The Honor Guard is the formal representative of the Sheriff’s Office at all types of functions in the northwest Ohio area, including funerals, graduations, parades and other special activities. The Deputies who comprise the Honor Guard must have discipline and stamina and present a professional appearance on a daily basis.


The geographical area of Ottawa County alone justified the need for such service. Ottawa County has a total of 576.94 square miles, with 323.67 square miles being of navigable waterways. The 107 miles of shoreline account for 41% of the 262 miles of Ohio’s eight counties that share Lake Erie’s southern shoreline.

At the forming of this rescue service, Ottawa County’s 182 marine facilities made up 69% of Ohio’s 383 marine facilities. These 182 marine facilities supported approx. 15,400 commercial boat docks for permanent docking or about 58% of the total commercial boat docking on Lake Erie. This number has since grown to just under 16,000. This does not include the privately owned docks nor the increasing popular dry, rack or transit boaters. This all translates to over 4,242 million man hours of boating on Ottawa County waterways and over 110,000 fishing licenses sold in Ottawa County.


The Records Division is responsible for maintaining all crime reports, accident reports and other various records for the Sheriff’s Office. These responsibilities also include providing documentation at the request of attorneys, prosecutors, citizens or others needing public record access. The majority of files are computerized to assist in the retrieval of information.

The Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office utilizes a networked computer system and TAC 10 Software. This system also automates the booking procedures for both Correctional facilities.

Records Deputy Heather Moss may be reached at 419-734-6823 by phone, or email at records@ottawacountysheriff.org or fax at 419-734-6876.


The Ottawa County Sheriffs Office Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT) consists of Sheriffs Deputies and other law enforcement officers within the county who assist in high-risk situations, including hostage negotiations, barricaded individuals or the execution of felony search or arrest warrants. The team also has three trained crisis negotiators.

This unit trains on a continuing basis and has assisted the Detective Division, the Ottawa County Drug Task Force and various law enforcement agencies on the state and local level within the county to a high performance level. In today’s society, this is a much-needed unit for the security and safety of our citizens and our officers.

Team Commander: Agent Matt Gandee

Assistant Commander: Detective Sergeant Ross Glovinsky

Team Leaders: Agent Garrett Schling 


Diver safety being paramount, diver training and experience is required for all members. All divers entering the water must be at least rescue certified and no diver is permitted under the ice without ice rescue training.

The services provided by this division of the Sheriff’s Office is not limited to just body rescue and recovery. Public awareness of water safety is among one of the many duties of this division. This is achieved by going to different organizations and providing presentations, by attending many parades in the county, and presenting programs in the elementary schools on water safety.

Evidence recovery for all Ottawa County law enforcement agencies as well as the surrounding counties is also made available through the use of personal equipment including two underwater metal detectors and three underwater 35mm cameras. This equipment, as well as life supporting dive gear, is owned and maintained by each diver.

Tax deductible donations can be made direct to the Ottawa County Sheriff Underwater Response Team by means of cash, check, or even items to be used, sold, or raffled.

Captain Aaron Leist supervises the Underwater Division.


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