Ohio Law allows each Sheriff’s Office the power to authorize licensing to Golf Carts and Under-Speed Vehicles (USV) in their respective county.

As a courtesy to the public, The Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office will conduct inspections by appointment only. To schedule an appointment time, contact the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office at (419) 734-4404.

The Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office is offering this service for a $10.00 INSPECTION FEE for Ottawa County Residents. Non-Residents of the county will be assessed a $20.00 INSPECTION FEE.

Personal golf carts may be brought to the Ottawa County Fairgrounds on the scheduled inspection time and date. The Ottawa County Fairgrounds are located at 7870 W SR 163, Oak Harbor, Ohio 43449.

Ottawa County Residents who reside in a village or township with their own police agency must seek inspection from their respective police departments.

Each golf cart that passes inspection will be authorized to receive a title and registration from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, along with Ohio passenger license plates. These plates must be affixed to the front and rear of the golf cart. Golf carts that become licensed will be restricted to residential streets with a posted speed limit of 35 miles per hour or less. Operators must have a valid Ohio driver’s license and adhere to all traffic laws.

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In order to help you prepare for your inspection, you may download our Golf Cart / Under-Speed Vehicle Inspection Checklist Form (in. pdf format).
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Ohio Revised Code Sections

4511.214 [Effective 1/1/2017] Operation of low-speed, under-speed, or utility vehicle, or a mini-truck.

4511.215 [Effective 1/1/2017] Local authorization for operation of low-speed, under-speed, or utility vehicle, or a mini-truck.