Diver safety being paramount, diver training and experience is required for all members. All divers entering the water must be at least rescue certified and no diver is permitted under the ice without ice rescue training.

The services provided by this division of the Sheriff’s Office is not limited to just body rescue and recovery. Public awareness of water safety is among one of the many duties of this division. This is achieved by going to different organizations and providing presentations, by attending many parades in the county, and presenting programs in the elementary schools on water safety.

Evidence recovery for all Ottawa County law enforcement agencies as well as the surrounding counties is also made available through the use of personal equipment including two underwater metal detectors and three underwater 35mm cameras. This equipment, as well as life supporting dive gear, is owned and maintained by each diver.

Tax deductible donations can be made direct to the Ottawa County Sheriff Underwater Response Team by means of cash, check, or even items to be used, sold, or raffled.