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The uniformed patrol division is responsible for answering emergency and non-emergency calls for service to the citizens and guests of our community. These officers have jurisdiction over the entire county. The uniformed patrol deputy is often the first face an individual sees in a time of crisis. Uniformed Deputies undergo extensive training and are required to pass an extensive firearm qualification course at least once a year. The officers are also responsible for assisting the civil division in the service of civil papers and warrants. They not only respond to calls for service but also assist the various fire and rescue units in the community. There is a patrol Sergeant for every shift that is responsible for acting as a liaison between the uniformed deputies and the office administration.

Both the townships of Allen and Portage contract with the Sheriff to provide additional patrol coverage. Each of those townships has a patrol Deputy assigned specifically to their respective township.

Patrol Sergeants Patrol Deputies
Sergeant Kent Davis (1st shift) Deputy Chuck Shuff
Sergeant James Reagon (2nd shift) Deputy Marc Nye (K-9)
Sergeant Zack Bowling (3rd shift) Deputy Mark Skinner
Deputy Brandon Amory
Deputy Matt Gandee
Deputy Chris Bacisin (Portage Township)
Deputy Chad Milner (Allen Township)
Deputy Ryan Welch
Deputy Kevin Meek
Deputy Jim Hanney