The Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office always is seeking career-minded, qualified and professional applicants for positions in Communications, Corrections and Road Divisions.

Application Submissions

Employment applications are accepted at any time, even if all positions are filled, for future evaluation.  Employment applications will be available for download on the agency website. The completion of a regular application form will ensure that each candidate be considered for all positions within the agency for which he is qualified.  Applications are kept on file for at least twelve months, after which the application will be destroyed.  Applications of hired individuals are maintained in their employee file.  Applicants, at the time of application, will be advised that their application will be kept on file for further review for twelve months unless the applicant request that the application not be maintained for further consideration.

We encourage you to download our EmploymentApplication.pdf in Adobe (.pdf) format.

Sworn Deputy Required Qualifications

All persons seeking employment with the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office as a sworn Deputy Sheriff must:

1. Be a United States citizen;
2. Possess a valid Ohio Driver’s License;
3. Have a high school diploma or GED;
4. Possess a current and valid commission with the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission (preferred);
5. Successfully complete the minimum training required for any training or certification that may be required of the position for which the applicant is seeking employment;
6. Never have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor involving moral turpitude or is not currently under indictment for any criminal offense [Moral turpitude is defined as the act of baseness, vileness, or the depravity in private and social duties which man owes to his fellow man or to society in general, contrary to accepted and customary rule of right and duty between man and man. Act or behavior that gravely violates moral sentiment or accepted moral standards of community and is morally culpable quality held to be present in some criminal offenses as distinguished from others. The quality of a crime involving grave infringement of the moral sentiment of the community as distinguished from minor laws. Blacks Law.];
7. Never been convicted of any family violence offense;
8. Not be prohibited by state or federal law from operating a motor vehicle;
9. Not be prohibited by state or federal law from possessing firearms or ammunition;
10. Be subject to a thorough background investigation and personal interviews by Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office personnel;
11. Have never had a commission or peace officer license denied by final order or revoked;
12. Not be currently on suspension, or have a voluntary surrender of a job related license currently in effect;
13. Demonstrate compliance with drug-free policies as determined by drug testing;
14. Be declared in satisfactory psychological and emotional health by licensed psychologists who are staff member of Workplace Resources, Inc.;
15. Be fingerprinted and subjected to a search of local, state, and national records and finger print files.
16. Be able to successfully pass any applicable written and/or physical agility testing that grades applicants on their ability to perform tasks that an Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office employee could be called upon to perform.

Guidelines to Filling Positions

Whenever a vacant position is to be filled within the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office, a number of guidelines exist to ensure all applicants are treated equally to include the following:

1. A position vacancy notice will be posted within the agency. It is noted that promotions and transfers within the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office are governed by Section 19 of the FOP/OLC Bargaining Agreement. This agreement covers both the application and selection process.

2. A position vacancy notice can be posted on the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office website or posted in newsprint when there are no qualified applicants currently on staff, or no one from within the Sheriff’s Office applies for the position.

3. A Sheriff’s appointee will evaluate active applications, including:
a. Any applicant nominated by the Sheriff;
b. Qualified persons already employed by the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office;
c. And any other qualified persons;

4. Qualified applicants will be considered based upon the following criteria, all of which are equally important:
a. Work experience;
b. Education;
c. Related course work;
d. Related training;
e. Additional skills and abilities;
f. Interview of applicant;
g. References of other employers;
h. Recommendations and personal references;
i. Prior or current service with the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office.

5. After selecting qualified applicants for whom an interview is being granted, the interview/screening panel will convene and conduct interviews of the selected candidates. The interview/screening process may include written, physical, mental and performance based testing as dictated by the Sheriff. At the completion of the interview/screening process, the panel will make a recommendation to the Sheriff. The Sheriff may elect to interview perspective candidates. The Sheriff retains the final appointment authority.

Equal Opportunity Employment

The Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office is an Equal Opportunity Employer that supports the Americans with Disabilities Act, (ADA), and must respond to reasonable requests for job accommodations and take reasonable action to employ qualified individuals with disabilities. This agency is committed to making reasonable sustained, diligent efforts to identify and consider such individuals for employment and for possible advancement opportunities arising during employment.

It is the sworn duty of all law enforcement officers to uphold the constitutional rights of all individuals. The Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office strictly prohibits any retaliatory action against an employee for opposing a practice which he or she believes to be discriminatory. This includes the filing of an internal complaint or the filing of a complaint with a state or federal civil rights enforcement agency.

Non-discrimination and equal employment opportunity is the policy. The Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office shall provide equal terms and conditions of employment regardless of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, national origin, veteran status, military status, or disability. This applies to all terms or conditions associated with the employment process, including hiring, promotions, terminations, discipline, performance evaluations, and interviews. All employees are expected to abide by the procedures as outlined within this policy. Violation of this policy will subject an employee to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.

If you have questions regarding the application process or posted positions,
please contact Chief Deputy Brad York at:
Ottawa County Courthouse
315 Madison St. Port Clinton, OH 43452
Ottawa County is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Please, no unsolicited phone calls.